Tuesday, October 16, 2012


It's been a while, friends, because I have been full of business.
1.) We found a table.
2.) I have been spending a lot of time trying to concoct an idea for a Halloween costume for free.
3.) I went to Atlantic City and DC as a part of my freelancing gig, and played black jack like a PRO. (The slots, however, are SO stupid.)
4.) I have been basking in the glory of Virginia fall.

Lately, flocks of Canadian geese have been camping out in the park outside my window, which I love. I know they are cranky and evil, but I think they are majestic. From a distance.

Fall is officially here, and the windows have been open non-stop all week. It's been a glorious 63 in the afternoons and a chilly 50 in the evenings, which is delightful to fall asleep too. K and I are plotting our first attempt at making a fire in our little brick fireplace, and I cannot WAIT.

I am actually about to run out and get some fall flowers and a gourd family to throw together in a way I'm not entirely sure about yet. My approach to decorating is this strange combination of pottery barn and things I can find in the dollar store, which, as you can imagine, can be pretty hit or miss. I'll upload pics as soon as I get it together to let you judge for yourself :).

If I'm truly honest with myself, the part I am really looking forward to is the bit when we fill a gigantic bowl with candy and eat it all in the name of being festive. The issue with this is, of course, we have a candy problem. Moderation does not exist for us. Candy in the house gets eaten. The first day of October, I filled our awkward pumpkin with candy corn in celebration. It was gone in a week. So new approach to this will be to temper the candy supply and hide the rest. Out of sight, out of mind. I will also let you know how this goes.

One thing I want to try for sure this year is popcorn balls. When I was a small girl, I went trick or treating with one of my friends, and we stopped by her grandmother's house, where I tasted the best and only popcorn ball of my life. I am determined to recreate them at some point this year. I found a variety of recipes, and they all involve massive amounts of condensed milk, sugar, and butter. Which kind of sounds like I can't lose. Which I like when baking.

I'm out the door in search of fall, since this part of the year is too fabulous not to discuss.



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