Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween! It's officially Halloween as I type this, and we are out of the candy that we purchased on Thursday as part of our storm preparation.

Two things happened: the storm( thankfully!) gave us only driving, cold, wet rain but no power outages or flooding, and we ate up all our emergency rations.

 And by emergency rations, I mean Reese's. Leave me alone, I KNOW.

And, this is the sad part: I hid half of it under the bed. And that was no deterrent, especially with the lack of anything to do, really, but eat candy. And watch the West Wing. What happened to politics, really?

Anyway, I guess the poor trick or treaters will be getting craisins, the supplies we didn't eat.

FALSE. We are so getting some more candy tomorrow. I love Halloween.

SO I decorated! As we speak, our redneck jack o'lantern, which I brought in from the inclement weather, is glowing on our counter. We carved him last weekend, and I am so delighted. Just look. He's so cute.

For my centerpieces on a budget, I went with a thrift store basket ($2.55) and filled it with baby pumpkins, gourds, and apples (about .69 cents each) and added a candle on either side. I want to eventually spruce it up with sparkly leaves or sticks, but I am desperately lacking a Michael's up here and Joanne's makes me feel lazy for not making my own clothes.

And how freaking cute is Spooky?

K found her a few days after, and was like, ??? But I mean, what's to explain, really?

And of course flowers and the beloved pumpkin candle! It's 44 degrees up here, btw, so you can bet that baby has been burning away.

Oh and I had to spend $12 dollars for my costume, which is a witch hat. And a black dress I  have. I will be  wearing it all day tomorrow, because I love Halloween.

In other news, I need to finalize decorating our bathroom, which right now is done in the style of Mess. We keep everything mostly pretty tidy, I think, but somehow the bathroom is always a disaster. It doesn't help that our counter is approximately 2 inches on either side, and I cram every beauty item I own on it. So washing your hands is kind of a booby-trapped adventure.

But I need to get my act together here pretty soon and buy some matching towels, because K's family is coming to visit for Thanksgiving! Which I honestly cannot WAIT for, because it will involve decorating and planning a menu and baking and cooking and wine and great conversation and hello, have you met me. But I do need to freshen the towel situation to something from this century.

Anyway, I leave you with a glowing pumpkin and wishes for a sugar-filled day.



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