Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So I just realized something.

I need to power watch as many Dawson's Creek Episodes (or AT LEAST to the season where the opening theme is "I don't wanna wait") as possible before Friday because 1.) I will have no internet connection for a while and who wants to be That Girl in the library and 2.) I'm thinking that it isn't going to be high on K's list of things to watch on Netflix.

I've got about 6 episodes to go. That's about 4.5 hours. This girl is on a mission.

And other productive things I do with my time since quitting my job.

Departure for VA is in less than two days, and I am loading up everything tomorrow night. Tonight, M was a doll and helped (read: forced) me to schlep my stuff to the dining room, right next to the door. (M has turned into kind of a gentle drill sergeant when it come to moving. I move two bins, begin to get a little sweaty, suggest we turn on a movie. She looks at me, and begins unplugging the lamps in my room. Silent, but effective.)

Right now, I am staring at a mountain of bins and random re-usable bags from Whole Foods and a random hamper full of kitchen supplies and wondering how it is all going to fit. Which is relaxing.

Tomorrow I have to deep-clean my bathroom (aren't you SO glad you stopped by?) and answer the ever-perplexing question of whether or not to bring the toilet brush.

Tune in next time for the conclusion of that exciting tale.



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