Friday, August 31, 2012

I moved :)

And I'm in love. It's amazing here. I keep going outside just to feel the difference in the air, just to see the different trees and birds. It doesn't go above 80 most days, Fall is already in the air and I cannot WAIT to begin preparations with pumpkin spice candles and the like. In fact, confession, I splurged and bought one at Marshall's early. :D It's hiding in my cabinet above the stove, waiting for the first really cold day to bring it out.

In all honesty, I was hunting for an inexpensive set of mixing bowls, since I don't own any, apparently. And I was wandering, as you do in Marshall's, when I saw they had their Yankee fall collection in and on the shelves. And we are talking newly minted and brought from wherever Yankee candles come from and find their way to discount stores everywhere. I felt, and you may roll your eyes but it's true, like I had come across my own little treasure trove. Right there in Marshall's, with adult contemporary music playing in the background.

A fellow shopper and I looked at each other, hardly able to believe our good fortune.
"Wow," I said, breathlessly. "This is all their fall stuff. Their autumn collection."
"I know," she said.
"I found this one back there." She put down an obviously inadequate, off-brand orange candle, stuffing it behind some apple chips. "I had no idea about these."

This doesn't happen to me. I get the dregs of deals. I go last. I never go out on Black Friday, I don't cut coupons, I usually pay retail price.

I never get the creme of the crop selection of the Yankee Candle Fall Collection.

Let me explain really quickly why I got so excited. Yankee Candles are the best of the best. They have the best scents, the most subtle hints of flavor, the best burn.

They are the couture of candle lovers everywhere. And their pumpkin spice flavor, which I bought MORE THAN 50 PERCENT OFF, is their best.

So, in other obsessions, I live across the street from Target. Which is a problem.

I have been there, no lie, every day. First, they have our favorite brand of wine( Rex Goliath) on sale there for $5.50. So, you know, gotta make sure we have that in our wine rack.  Secondly, they have the best house-brand sour gummies I have ever had ever.  Thirdly, it's, you know, Target. And full of things I need/want/we should have one of these, right?

AHHHH I need to stop going to Target. Although I did learn how to construct a bookcase because of their "it's on sale, assemble it yourself, you can do it!" attitude toward carpentry.

Yah, I shouldn't be a carpenter. Making a long, sad story (there were tears, I'm ashamed to say) short, you really must pay attention to which side is A and B. And, a word of the wise to all of you aspiring DIYs out there, you should definitely make sure the back part you hammer on is facing the right way before you hammer it on with 30 itty-bitty nails. And that it is being attached to the back, not the finished, colored front, before you do it.

I think it looks better without the siding now, anyway.



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