Monday, June 1, 2009

Remote Science

MM nice to be back. Sorry I've dropped off the planet, I was working all weekend. I promise you nothing significant has been going on, except that I totaled my car. But that's a little depressing, and everyone is fine, so I'm not going to fixate on that. Instead I really want to share with you my small triumph: I programmed a universal remote. To work on both my TV AND my DVD player. AT THE SAME TIME. And it only took me three hours. 
To fully understand how amazing this feels, you have to live without a working remote for 8 months. As in, manually turning everything on and off, making sure you don't take a dvd out halfway through or else you have to start from the beginning, and watching an entire season of Friends at a time. Until you look at your roommate after the third time an episode of 24 has restarted itself and the second time you've sat through it, and you both come to the conclusion that something MUST be done. Also what is that remote for? It's universal? We can SO do that!
 Commence the hours of going online to figure out how to use it, the
 trips to the dollar store for batteries ( and some candy YUM), and the pressing of buttons and key combinations until we figured it out.  And let me tell you, when that tv went on and off , and we could actually SKIP SCENES....Well, that's what those folks down at Cape Canaveral must have felt the first time the rocket actually took off.
And so I know you are laughing at me for having such trouble with such a simple thing, but go out and buy a universal remote, then throw away the instructions and forget about it for six months. Uh huh. Not so easy, now is it?
So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go  turn the TV on and off a few times, put something obnoxious on mute, and fast forward through a couple of films. Maybe call NASA and see if they need any help. That's one small step for  woman, one giant leap for summer movie time. 



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