Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beachy Keen

Woke up this morning longing for the beach. Sometimes that happens: I close my eyes and remember exactly how I felt when I was there, the smell of sunscreen, salt spray on my lips, my eyes closed. Guess I'm just itching towards that summer vacay. It's been rain rain rain for a week here, and everything is soggy and humid. I'm ready for diet coke with lime, my toes in the sand and a good book under the shade. One month, ten days to go. Maybe I'll squeeze in a trip or two to the gulf before then. 

I always forget to take pictures, but I never forget my camera when we go anywhere coastal. The result is about a hundred pictures of the water and about five of my graduation. The following were actually taken by me, not pulled offline( which is where I get most of my material. Sorry, I don't have any stock photos of corn or grinning dolphins. Although I WISH I did). Anyway, they are pictures of my favorite places in the world, so enjoy. :)

Fort Desoto

The view off my uncle's beach house, sunset

Pelicans are my favorite bird :)

                     A foggy day on the gulf

         I love this

Indian Rocks Beach, sunset

Windy day on St.Pete Beach

Amelia Island 


St.Mark's Lighthouse, looking onto the gulf



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