Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year! As I look out my window, unwinding from the whirlwind of family and friends and laughter and wine that was the holidays, I am feeling enormously grateful for the lovely people in my life. Since moving up here, it has been hard to not see them every day--I'm close with my family, and my friends are extremely dear to me--but going several months apart and then spending the time together as though nothing had changed was both comforting and affirmative that distance does not have the grip on our relationships that it once did. Through texts and phone calls and the ever-present Facebook, we have stayed connected and, while I miss them greatly, the distance doesn't feel quite as far as it did before :).

Welcome to 2013! My favorite thing about this part of the year is that, as dreary as it may be (I'm looking at spotty brown grass, a steely overcast sky and temperatures in the 30s), we have passed the longest night of the year and so everything is just an upward tick to spring and then, summer. In the meantime, I plan to continue to use my fireplace as much as possible, and the many wonderful, cozy candles and wineglasses and warm things I was given this year as gifts. 

So in 2012, I wrote a novel. Yes, it actually happened! I was pretty horrible about posting my word count on here daily, because by the time I was done writing for the day I was, truly, done writing for the day. But it happened, all 50,000 words and change, and I am simultaneously thrilled to begin editing and terrified. They say take a month away from your own writing so that you can look on it with fresh eyes, and, hopefully, that is what I will be able to do. If I'll still like it at the end is a totally different story. But fingers crossed that I will be able to find what I need in there, and then beginning looking at the next, completely overwhelming step of attempting to get it published.

I have a tendency to want to rush headlong into everything and, instantly, become extremely good at it. This is both good and bad, because, while it does drive me, it also makes me extremely frustrated when I am not immediately perfect at the task I've set out to do. I'm vowing not to be like that in this process--which, from what I can tell, is often disappointing and fruitless and cruel- but I am sure it will be a struggle, which I will be posting about as frequently as I can here.

Anyway, I have to go do a million other things but I wanted to get the first post of the year accomplished, the beginning of my fourth year on Tidepool :).

Here's to a productive year, to a year full of warmth and unexpected magic, to happiness and successes, to travel and family and love.



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