Thursday, April 19, 2012


M and I rediscovered the Cosby show, played a game that ended in us picking a color for our wall and learned that the guy who sings that " weeee arrrreee yoouuunnnggggg" song is REALLY weird looking.

All in all, a productive night.

On the subject of pinning, since I began pinning (which was right when it was cool and before it became the ONLY cool thing to do) I have always enjoyed re-pinning other pins, but wanted to FIND my own pins. I'm an individual like that.

But I never knew where to pin from. I didn't have an amazing collection of super hip and beautiful blogs with tea lights and dangly things and perfect outfits and exotic pools etc. that I checked every day. And then it occurred to me. I NEED TO.

So I'm following links like crazy and finding some AMAZING sites with some really amazing things. There are so many crazy people in the world and so many stupid people in the world and so many mean people in the world that get all the attention that you forget about all the creative, sweet, funny people creating collections of beautiful things.

I'm on a mission to remember them. I'll keep you posted (POSTED, GET IT?) on my progress. Below is a beauty aggregated on a random tumblr. Gorgeous doesn't even begin to describe.

So perfect.

Today I learned a new song, too. Well I knew the song but I didn't know who sang it but M did and shared her lurrrve for it with me. I'm posting it in case you are inclined. Get past the beginning, my non-indie-music-lovers and you'll be okay :)



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