Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm feeling drunk on bluegrass right now. There is something about the harmonies, the twang, the taste and the heart of it that is good for my soul, wakes something up in my blood.

Bluegrass often gets mislabeled, I think, in the popular mind. It is thought of as backwoods/hick/up-a-crick music. Banjoes are picked by toothless, shirtless paws on a porch a la Country Bear Jamboree , spitting tobaccy and blowing on an empty 'shine jug.

For those unfamiliar with how beautiful it can be, the opening riff of a bluegrass song can make them wince and look at you with a "you have 10 seconds to turn that off or I am leaving the room/pretending I don't know you/never riding in your car again".

Of course I'n not speaking from personal experience.

In reality, bluegrass holds some of the last true artistry in any music genre. You can't autotune a fiddle. Harmonies can't be faked. The timing necessary to launch a chorus that gives the listener goosebumps can't happen unless everyone knows what they are doing.

Alison Krauss & Union Station is probably my favorite group ever: try it. I think you'll be surprised.

Oh, so I've FINALLY finished book two of Game of Thrones (hereby going to be shortened to GOT). This is a big accomplishment, since I purchased it in late December, broke my Kindle for four months, and then got it replaced (for FREE! YAY amazon!) at the beginning of this month. So I have had this book in the back of my mind for a long time, and I'm glad to have finished it.

Confession: I get this weird (THAT is a hard word to spell after midnight) sort of satisfaction after I've read a book. It's a conquest. I award points to myself based on how fun it was to read and level of literary clout.

According to my Kindle, I am 75 percent of the way through Moby Dick OR The White Whale. (AP style= put those in quotes. MLA style = italicize. I'm at a loss.)  NOW the decision is do I pick up the NEXT installment in GOT, or do I eat my veggies and see if Ahab ever gets that blasted whale? Tune in next week for the answer to that cliffhanger!

Speaking of cliffhangers, we've decided to watch 24 as roommates. We get all the seasons on Netflix, and it was the only one we could all agree on.


K and I used to watch it together all the time when he was in town, but I've only seen one or two seasons and we've started with season 2, which I've never seen. I forgot why I stopped watching and have since remembered.

I wake up thinking someone is going to kill me.

No lie. Sit straight up in bed, panicked. Certain someone has woken me up. If I had a dagger, I would be clutching it.

M said the same thing used to happen to her too. Which makes me wonder sort of why I keep watching...right? But M and I came to the same conclusion about that one, too.

So I found this pin and it was supposed to be a super cute (and STUPID) way to reuse a slinky but I am obsessed with the bird. He is one of my favorite things about today, and, incidentally, your pin of the every-third-day.



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