Friday, April 13, 2012


Thank God. 

You know that movie "His Girl Friday?" 

I've heard of it, DUH. And I like her implied sass. But I've never seen it. Not even going to pretend to stay in good hipster graces.

Yah me neither. BUT I think that Friday would be a good name for a cat. I'm just saying.

Oh and also, you know that song "Working for the Weekend?"

I used to think it meant that people had to work on the weekend, and, as a young, misinformed adolescent,  I felt the tune was a little peppy for such a somber subject. And I truly didn't understand what sort of job these people had that they would work for the weekend. It was a job force that I certainly did not want to  be involved with. School had taught me that the weekend was YOURS. You figure that out pretty much as soon as school ceased to be kindergarten and started to SUCK.

I think I figured out the meaning of the song like, last year. The same time I figured out how to pronounce vehemently  ( It's vee-ha-ment-ly, by the way. I said it va-hem-ent-ly for most of my life). My extensive vocabulary skills fail to impress people when I sound like an idiot. Or C3PO.

HOW do you pronounce wizened?
I got an espresso machine for my birthday. Which is AWESOME. I haven't gotten a chance to use it yet (no time in the a.m., which seems sad) but M and I will sometimes go stare at in in anticipation. We were treated to lattes and frothays and breves and all sorts of delicious espresso-y things when we visited my parents in their country home about a month ago. Let me tell you. A girl could get used to that.

M was all about it. I had it sitting in a box on the counter when I first got it earlier this week. She came back from work and we were talking about something (probably planning the BBQ or sconce placement, like we do) and she stopped short, pointed and just looked at me, gleeful.

J, on the other hand, is pretty scared. He came to visit after espresso number three. We promised it wouldn't be the same as when we trapped him in a car driving to look at organic soy candles, boutique cheeses and crocheted tops with 1000000000mg of caffeine coursing through our veins, but he still looks at it sideways. 

OH so we are throwing ourselves a birthday party tomorrow by the pool (I'm the 9th and J is the 11th and M is like LET THEM EAT CAKE!) and I'm getting pretty revved up. I'm going to make a playlist, which means I'm happy. I LOVE making playlists. I used to be OBNOXIOUS and burn a CD every time I got in a car. L has literally 100 CDs I made for her for special occasions like Going to the Grocery Store or Going to the Mall or It's Raining. Sometimes I would write it in French, because I'm sophisticated like that. 

THE POINT IS, and apparently I can't focus to save my life today (actually I probably could to save my life), I am excited because I am going to put all of my feel-good songs on there. The ones that make you feel like summertime. Some Bob Marley. Some Colbie Calliat. Some Jack Johnson. That guy who sings about the sound of sunshine. 

Not girly at all. Totally appropriate for a shared, co-ed birthday. 

Okay, okay, I'll throw some Styx in there. Some COME SAIL AWAY COME SAIL AWAY COME SAAAAIIILLL AWAY WITH MEEEEEE to make sure everyone is able to rock out. 

I'm going to go try to get that song out of my head and read Game of Thrones (because I am cool and trendy).

Oh! Here is the Pin of the Day (I get that I haven't posted in more than a week, WHATEVER). This is the inspiration for a novel I'm going to write. 

Source: via Adam on Pinterest



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