Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Revenge, James Bond and triple chocolate

Let's appreciate for a moment how awesome Emily VanCamp is. I'm working on perfecting her REVENGE stare. I think I'll try it out at work tomorrow when someone makes me angry.

AHAHAH I'll let you know how it goes, since I have difficulty confronting a BUG in my house, let alone glaring at someone with...whatever is going on there. 

I'm scared of her, and want to be her best friend.

I'm in Revenge withdrawal, in case you couldn't tell. 

 It hasn't been on in forever. It's getting to the point where the plot lines are getting fuzzy. Which is bad, because if you miss literally TWO seconds -- to, for example, answer an impromptu call from a relative -- you are left wondering what the FREAKING heck happened for the rest of the episode. 

And it's rude to say, hey, sorry, we can't catch up right now, I need to figure out why Tyler just handed Nolan that envelope and WHO WAS IT ADDRESSED TO? DAMN IT.

That's not good for family business. 

Anyway, the point is that I can't really remember what happened last episode now because ABC is dragging their feet with the finale. I'm sure this show with Ashley Judd running around looking like a mess and screaming her son's name for, going by the trailer, approximately 11 times an episode is REALLY good but I am ready for the witty banter and the OMG she did what and the general, sticky soap opera-ness of it all to return.
Look at how fabulous. I'm sorry. They are.

Plus, I don't have Downton Abbey anymore to make me not care about anything but Mary and Matthew and precious Lord Grantham and the antics of those darling and yet compelling servants downstairs. 

And now I miss Downton. Great.

Okay, I'm done being obsessed with popular culture and TV shows that are rotting my brain. (Grey's tomorrow, yay! What will happen with Christina and that red haired doctor she's married to?)

Anyway, I'm in the process of moving, which sucks and is awesome at the same time. I heard once that the three hardest things in life were moving, death and divorce. 

The two D's, I totally get. 

But moving? Really? That's like saying the best things in life are love, family, and a day at the beach.


Who makes this up?

ANYWAY we (my roomates J and M and I) found a couch on Craigslist for $100 in perfect condition. And patio furniture for $50. 

But Craigslist has always sort of sketched me out (things like murderers luring young women with enticingly priced, Pinable objects will do that) and M  was signing her full name to "I'm interested emails" and I got very concerned and started composing the emails for her, using only her initial. Which I thought was a good idea because 
a) It was sneaky and would throw a killer off the scent
b) Bond's  M, duh

I'm just saying. You can never be too careful. 

Doesn't matter if it's a sweet lady who contributes regularly to the university and has two houses and a perfect, never been used couch for a bargain. You NEVER KNOW.

Time for me to eat a jello pudding and read my kindle. The thrilling, glittery life of a young professional. (Seriously though, Game of Thrones. And  triple chocolate. And maybe a handful of white chocolate chips I discovered yesterday.)

But before all that:

Pin of the day ( this is a new thing I have started doing, and I think I will remember to do it tomorrow)

Going there in my dreams. Until shouting bird wakes me up.



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