Friday, November 2, 2012

So I have discovered the best tea in the world. It is Bengal Spice by Celestial Seasonings, and it is even better than Starbucks chai tea lattes. YES, I went there. And the best part? It tastes sweet and perfect without adding any sugar. I don't know, it's bizarre, and probably magical. You should try it.

Starbucks sent me an email today letting me know that the red cups were back. It was one of the bi-weekly emails I've been getting since they made the rude announcement that gold card holders -- who, through the purchase and chugging of 30 freaking drinks in less than a year, had believed they had attained free soy and syrup for at least the rest of the year--would no longer get these benefits. 

This was a terrible idea, because 1.) Consumers don't like having their free stuff taken away from them, duh and 2) You are dealing with people who would drink mass amounts of coffee to get a small discount on drinks that, to keep, they must keep purchasing. They are not rational and they are obsessed.

I, of course, fall into this category. I was so ticked off, I wrote a comment, along with 986354896 other pissed off latte-chuggers. The general tone was strongly worded disappointment. Polite, but scathing. 

"New and improved just means that you are giving us less" observed one disenchanted customer.

"It's ridiculous to have a rewards card and then take rewards away," wrote another. "Buh bye Starbucks."

Some resorted to threats. 

"I've just done 'the math"' on the change," wrote Sbuxxxx. "Even with earning free drinks faster, the charge for soy means that over the course of 6 months I would be paying over $100 MORE with the new program. 
 Looks like I'll be making my own coffee more..."

Others tried to bargain. 

"I am very disappointed in the decision to eliminate free soy. I agree with those who have suggested staying at 15 as the limit for a free drink as opposed to 12 if it means the elimination of free soy."

But, alas, it was all for naught. Starbucks stonily refused to give us what we want. They burned up that lactose intolerant bridge, boy did they.

But now, I am getting the equivalent of "come back, baby" emails. 

"We gave you free drink!!!!"
"We have yummy pumpkin things you love!!"
"We HAVE RED CUPS! You know how DELICIOUS red cup drinks are! They are CHRISTMAS! Peppermint Mocha! Gingerbread! Eggnog! Santa!"

But you know what, Starbucks? Taylor Swift said it best, I think.

LOLZ yeah right I'm totally going there this weekend for some pepperminty deliciousness. Plus, I need 13 more drinks to stay a gold card member! Time's a wastin!

So I said I would check in daily with my Na No Wri Mo total, and so, here it is.....drumroll please....: 1,298.

YAY! Couldn't make it to 1,300. Idk. Tomorrow though, for sure.



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