Thursday, November 8, 2012

Okay, I fully deserve to be called a slacker.

I stopped Tuesday at 9,010 words to watch the election--and, because, honestly, I am in a strange place with my plot. Primarily, I need to start explaining it a little more and have my characters start taking actions to further that plot. And I'm not sure what that looks like yet, which means that, yesterday, I hid from my story instead of actually writing it. And that was not productive at all.

So today, I need to make it to 13,333 words. Which I will be doing, I don't care how long it takes. The whole point of the entire month is to write write write everyday, and I need to catch up for my own sanity. So I will be checking in tonight with an additional 4,323 words. Which isn't going to be easy, but it is going to happen. Wish me luck friends, see you tonight. :)



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