Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So do you remember that internship once upon a time? Well now, I have a job. A full time, big girl job. Which is both as fabulous and time-consuming as you might think. Which is why I haven't posted in a long time. IE a year. And a half. And maybe a few more months but who is counting?

Okay so ANYWAY sparksnotes version, I have graduated college, stayed in T, K is in Law School (dun dun dun dun) which sort of sucks but we skype (THANK YOU SKYPE) and I have been working as a journalist for the last 8 months. Which means I get to wear dress cloths and parade around with a tape recorder and notebook and pretend like I am all that.  Until I'm late/ can't find parking/ forgot something to write on/ screw up someone's name (in print!!!) etc. 

Which is why, in a nutshell, I haven't posted recently. Which I'm sure all 8 of my followers have been super torn up about.  But I feel like I have a valid excuse, and can I add that my graduating semester was spent writing for the paper, DANCING and speaking french? Which, I can assure you, sounds much more glamorous than it is. Try sprinting from contemporary dance to your car five miles awary to a board meeting in 88 degrees of pure Florida sunshine. Yah. Exactly. 

But my October resolution (and really for the rest of the year) is to come back to my tidepool and post!  Especially since Fall is basically my favorite time of year and since I can't talk K's face off about the ADORABLE collection of pumpkin-themed items at target, the search for an alluring, interesting and yet not slutty costume and how to throw an awesome halloween party ( you know, the one I have been plotting for three years), that means it all goes here. Lucky you.

So let me show you what I am Falling up for:

This is Jack! He was $4.60 at Target because his stem is a little damaged. He is so cute!

Flowers! Beautiful fall colors, in the corner of my living room. 

Pumpkin candle! I only buy them after the first cold snap, which came right on time this year.

So, anyway, welcome to Fall, and welcome back to my blog :)



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