Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happily Ever After

So, there really isn't any excuse for not posting for six months. Goodness. What kind of writer am I?
WELL, here I am. Back in time for summer. Aren't you thrilled? Don't lie, I know you are. ;)
So wow! How much has been going on! This blog began last summer with post about my obsession with Pier 1. Happily, I've managed to avoid going and buying useless adorable things, although I did splurge and buy myself some flowers for out front. I really love buying pretty things, things that make feel feel happy or flirty or sexy. That's when I really feel the sting of not having money, or rather, having to pick between new contact lenses and a new swimsuit. (My poor eyes). I've been thinking about people who have a lot of money, and the things they spend it on, like yachts. I feel that I would get accomplished first all the things that I sat and wished I could buy as a broke college student working part-time at a pizza restaurant.
My top items:
1.) A gorgeous garden, with little lights and a fountain and a place to sit and have a glass of wine.
2.) Really nice clothes. I'm not talking about $1,000 flip-flops. I mean LABELS, like Ralph Lauren and Tommy and Marc Jacobs. Clothes that last and look great.
3.) A library, a gorgeous library, and the ability to buy any book I think looks worthy. Can you imagine! Now that is luxury.

Speaking of books, I'm both thrilled and horribly disappointed with my most recent literary purchase. I went with Lo to get a summer read, you know, the sort that's in your bag to provide you with AT LEAST a month's worth of entertaining pool/ beach reading. (The BEST is, of course, Gone With The Wind, which, even reading at lightening speed for hours will last you most of the summer, and is about a million times more interesting than anything Nicky Sparks cranks out *gag*). So we were browsing, breathing in the delicious booky air, and I spotted the cover of a book that I had heard mentioned before and remember writing down on a "things I want to read" list once upon a time. It was called Water for Elephants, had no description of the plot, and only vague positive critical responses like "a tantalizing and thrilling book". Which is sort of annoying and super intriguing. Plus, I thought, I like elephants.
Now, over my years of reading, I've developed this strange sort of 6th sense. Sometimes, when I am in a book store or library, I will be inexplicably drawn to a book. I'll pick it up, read the opening paragraph, and know that I will absolutely adore it. This doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it's magical. Sort of like Medium, but without the gross blood and death. The last time it happened was when I picked up Kathryn Stockett's amazing novel The Help, easily one of the best books I've ever read.
And, of course, it happened with Sara Gruen's Water for Elephants. I was in love. I couldn't put it down. I passed out from exhaustion after reading in bed, and then characters were in my mind the next day until I got the chance to read it again.
How long did this "summer read" last me? three days. 3. and part of the afternoon. I didn't even ever get to read it at the pool. I'm delighted that I found it and bitterly disappointed that it's over. Now I have to sift my way through the MILLIONS of crappy books (read: Lauren Conrad's L.A.Candy series) and wait to have that magic moment with a book again. Some girls wait and long for Prince Charming; I long for the perfect book.

Wish me luck. And go buy Water for Elephants. But try to pace yourself: a book like that is hard to find. ; )



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