Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The time has come...

Okay, so my favorite part of going to the movies is easily watching the trailers. I LOVE trailers. I think they are absolutely an art form; combining the score and images with a narration, hoping the ultimate result is people turning to the person next to them and saying" oh, I want to see that!". Sometimes it succeeds (the new Sherlock Holmes movie with a YUMMY Ironman and my second favorite, Jude Law) and sometimes, ooooh baby it doesn't (The new Twighlight trailer is jumpy and, hello, what is it about?). But the one that has got me itching for 2010 is Tim Burton's up and coming masterpiece, Alice In Wonderland. Ironically, I saw it the day it was leaked onto the web, and is now no where to be found save for this website, which I've linked for your viewing pleasure :). OMG can you say fabulous? Not only does it look exactly as I had imagined it the seven or eight times I read the book, but it has a terrifying and magnificent Mr. Depp as the mad hatter. I have always really liked Burton's bizarre sense of art; with the exception of the very strange Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (too close on the heels of the Jackson trial, we had had our dose of men who looked like pedophiles but weren't), I have enjoyed all of his films. And I have a great feeling about this one. It also has the wonder that is Helena Bonham Carter (a tour-de-force in Harry: she seriously gives me the shivers), and I'm assuming Danny Elfman as well. The dream team looks to be on top of their game with this one, and I haven't been this excited for a movie in a WHILE. ooohhh GLORIOUS. This is when I just love Hollywood.



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  1. I know what you mean about the Twilight trailer, but this one. SO amazing! I saw it and squealed. haha.

    x x x