Monday, June 22, 2009


OOOO I am all excited because I'm inspired to write fiction again. It's been so incredibly dusty in my brain, you have no idea. Someone finally opened a window. ANYWAY so sorry I've been gone for forever. I can be a such a slacker sometimes. ;)

So my two BF's ( boyfriend and best friend ahahahaha isn't that cute?) and I went to our little discount theatre and saw the first B movie of the summer: The Fast and the Furious 4. And ladies and gentleman, it was actually not that bad.Granted our other two options were Twelve Rounds or Obsessed, niether of which got above 40% on, so the selection wasn't exactly Sundance. But I was in the mood for muscle cars and explosions (could have done without the parade of skanks, but I understand that they are catering to a certain audience; one with Y chromosomes) and not really in the mood for drama or a plot that took a lot of energy to follow. Enter Paul Walker and Vin Diesal. Glorious, poorly acted, with lots of bad lines and fast cars. And, here's the best part, not too long. I HATE a movie that goes on for more than an hour and forty minutes. Seriously, when I saw Cars, I thought it was never going to end. There better be Leonardo, Johnny, or Gandalf if you are going to keep me in the seat for over 120 minutes.

But I really love the dollar theatre. Or well, what used to be the dollar theatre. Times they are a changin', and due to the economy ( gagging on that phrase, how many times have we heard that? ) prices went up to three dollars. Except on Tuesday, when it's two. Still a bargin on a Friday night, when a movie for two can be oh, um $20, but you know when you go into a dollar store and you find something great and then it rings up as like, three fifty? Yah it's that sort of thing. But we don't mind scrounging up a few bucks for summer entertainment; and the free stuff has been impossible to do due to the apocolyptic heat wave that makes walking to your car a test in endurance.
So if you want to find me, I'm probably there, soaking up the AC, sitting in the seats from the 1980's, waiting to watch Angels and Demons where I can afford it. ; )



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