Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Domestication of Ashley

I am absolutely  obsessed with Pier 1. It's bad. I take trips out there just to walk around and smell things. They also keep it about 64 degrees in the store, and when a gal is driving around North Florida in a car with no AC, she learns to appreciate things like that. Also cream pourers that look like cows.  Besides that, I find myself needing coasters  and mugs and little glowy things for your garden (doesn't matter if you don't have a garden, you create a garden so you can buy the little glowy things), things that I wouldn't have looked at twice last year. I also can't seem to go one day without doing something to my house. A week ago, I made seat cushions out of place mats. Ironed ( !!!) a sheet to use as a table cloth. Bought a pot and some flowers and set them outside of my door ( see: creating a garden for little glowy things). It's something new everyday. Most of it has to do with the fact that my roommate is in Italy all summer, so I
 1) have the place to myself
 2) have little to do with myself and 
3 ) find myself really enjoying my trips to Target and Pier One, and the countless hours on Amazon looking for a deal ( and, mes chéris, there is ALWAYS a deal).

Besides, it smells like heaven in there. I never leave without a candle. The one I'm burning now is honeysuckle and pink, and makes the room smell like heaven. Yum.

 In addition to Pier One-ing, I also am devising ways to redecorate my apartment without spending  money. Which seems counter intuitive, but I have all of zero expendable funds and Mama's a little tight with money when it comes to trips to "browse" at Michael's (read: discover craft that is OBVIOUSLY my true calling and spend 40 dollars on it. There have been several true callings.) Wish me luck in my quest in cheap homemaking. I'll be at the thrift store, bargaining down prices. <3


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